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Danakil Depression

If you are looking for an almost extra-terrestrial adventure, the Danakil Depression is the place to visit. Danakil

Simien Mountains

The Simien Mountains National Park was formally established in 1966. The park is endowed with unique landscape and

Southern Ethiopia

The southern part of Ethiopia is the place where one finds the most remote tribes whose way of living is truly


The city of Harar is ancient and holy city, which stands amid green mountains on the east wall of the Great Rift Valley.

Some Muslims consider Harar as the fourth holiest city of their faith after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem and has been a place of pilgrimage from all over the world for many years. There are several stories about the foundation of Harar which date drom the 10th century to the 15th century. But it is certain that the walls which still surround the old city, have been constructed by Sultan Nur around 1560. This old walled city with its steep cobbled streets and mosques give special and lively atmosphere.

Harar was also an important trading center. The city is well known for its superb handicrafts that include woven textiles, basket ware, silverware and handsomely bound books and the market is worth visiting. It is also interesting to visit one of the old Harar houses which are unique and reminiscent of coastal Arab architecture. The most famous attraction of Harar is the Hyena man who is feeding every evening meat to a troupe of hyenas. He knows all the hyenas by name and when he calls them they appear from thedarkness one by one to take the meat from his hand or mouth.

Great sites to visit in Harar include; Harar Jugol, the Fortified Historic Town (UNESCO World Heritage) Arthur Rimbaud House Harar houses National Culture Centre Harar Museum Hyena Man

Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life

We specialize in taking our guests on guided luxury Trekking along the Forest & River, awesome Water Falls, Lakes, Deseret walking, Trek to the Volcano , Trekking to Local Villages, Walking to Topographic Spectacular View points, Filming...

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Join us on one of our specially designed tours, whether it is experiencing the sounds and Smells of the Ethiopian bush on a walking safari or capturing that award winning photo on one of our photographic bush follow tours.

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Our tailor made option will allow us to put together your perfect customized Tours. Please take a look at the various Tour Activity that we currently offer, the adventure of a lifetime waits!