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Southern Ethiopia

Kril penectus aliquet pretium

The southern part of Ethiopia is the place where one finds the most remote tribes whose way of living is truly African. 

Omo Valley, named after the majestic Omo River that passes through, possess the highest concentration of extraordinarily splendid tribes, isolated from the rest of the world for centuries and still very much following their own cultures and customs. These tribes include the Karo, the Hamer, the Erbore, the Surma, the Mursi and many others. Each has their own distinctive characteristic and traditional ways of living.

The most renowned of the Omotic-speakers are the Mursi, famed for their practice of inserting large clay plates behind the lower lips of their women. The Mursi are numbering around 10000 people and are nomadic pastoralists. Other important groups of South Omo include the Hamer-Bena, the Karo and the Ari, whose cultures and quirks of adornment-body scarring, body painting. All inhabitants of Omo Valley use their crops and livestock to barter on the local weekly vibrant tribal markets for different goods and products.. You could explore little visited villages and have extraordinary insight into a variety of traditional cultures.